As I have mentioned before, I live pretty far away from my family. Around this time of year, the homesickness starts to kick in to high gear. Thankfully, I am lucky enough to be part of not just one, but a few different families of my own up here. I’ve got an NYC family, a Brooklyn family, and then I have my Hoboken family. They are my work family.

There are 7 of us in the office, and everyone has an integral part to play.

In my work family we’ve got a Golden Boy Big Brother, a sarcastic middle child, a free spirited sister, a quirky aunt who always shows us pictures of her cats, a baby brother who can’t stop smiling, and then me-the nerdy older sister who laughs at her own jokes.

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Don’t be thrown off by the mustaches. The guys participated in Movember to raise awareness for prostate cancer. They don’t usually look that creepy.

The Patriarch of our zany crew is our boss, Jordan. Picture someone with the positive outlook of a Michael Scott, the jokes of a Phil Dunphy, and (he’s going to love this one) the dance moves of a Justin Timberlake. I was inspired to write about my work family, and Jordan in particular, because we celebrated his 31st birthday a few weeks ago (I apologize for the delayed post! I’ve been too busy with all the hard work to blog 😉 ) Anyhoo, for office birthdays we usually just throw in $20 or so and give each other gift cards, but this year we had an idea to all pitch in for a surprise birthday bowling bash for Jordan.

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Happy Birthday Jordan!

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The ladies were in charge of the cake, and one of my co-workers had the idea of making alien themed cupcakes for his birthday. The alien theme was solely inspired by a picture taken of Jordan that legitimately looks like an alien.

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“Take me to your leader.”

We were in a bar with a green laser that just happened to shine on Jordan’s face at the time this picture was taken. I don’t know how to describe the look on his face, but I can tell you there is no one in our office who can look at this picture without cracking up laughing. This picture was the inspiration for our alien themed cupcakes. Unbeknownst to us all, Jordan has a secret (not anymore) obsession with aliens, specifically the show Ancient Aliens on the history channel.

Needless to say Jordan’s birthday bowling alien party was a success. I don’t know a better time than bowling, pizza, chicken tenders, an open bar, and alien cupcakes.

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Look closely to spot the Alien Krista mixed in with the Alien Jordans.

The day after his surprise birthday, at our morning meeting in between discussing the future of our office and my long term goals at our company, my boss confessed to me that he believed he actually could be an alien. I don’t think he was kidding.

Yes, this is the zany, crazy work family, and I am very proud to work with all of these alien weirdos. They are…out of this world. (I wasn’t lying when I called myself the dorky one who laughs at her own jokes.)


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