#TBT Happy Hallo-Birthday

My brother and I were pretty lucky kids growing up. Not only did we get the standard trick or treating candy stash every year, but we were also privy to Halloween birthday cake. I will never be one of those grand-kids that forgets Grandma’s birthday, because every year, yes every year, it’s on October 31st. Although I had many different Halloween throwback cakes to choose from for this post, I decided to share with you all Grandma’s 60th birthday cake. I think this was probably one of those cakes where Mom was resourceful and just used things we already had in stock in the pantry.It’s not one of Mom’s most elaborate creations, but it is a cake that gives me the nostalgic warm and fuzzies. It reminds me of the days of flashlight tag, nicktoon marathons, and eating Halloween candy until I felt sick.


All you need for a cake like this are orange sprinkles and tootsie roles. Simple and Sweet!

The pumpkin wasn’t the only cake Mom made. Mom also made Grandma a Birthday Cake costume using cardboard, a table cloth, and crepe paper. Check it out!


Grandma’s homemade 60th birthday cake costume 🙂

We were a good looking bunch for Halloween that year. Nikki (wrote about her in my Montana post) was the Ethel to my Lucy. Not to brag, but we won first place in our School’s costume contest.


Lookin good ladies.

Our two siblings looked almost as adorable as we did…ALMOST.  Jokes, Nick and Mackenzie were by far the most adorable 4 year olds around. Mackenzie was a lady bug, and Nick was his childhood hero, Thomas the Tank Engine.


He tortured me with the amount of times we had to watch Thomas and his friends drive around their train tracks looking all creepy.


Blowing out the candles!


My brother ruined 9/10 pictures when we were younger because he thought he could “catch the flash.” He’s always been our special child.

Birthday or no Birthday, I advise everyone to try out making a special Halloween cake this year. There are so many creative and easy ideas out there!  I’m excited to see what Mom has in store for this year…no pressure.



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