Dad’s Birthday Lesson: Treat Yoself at Your Own Risk

I know I mentioned Halloween cakes in my last post, and they’re coming, but first I wanted to do a quick post for my dear old Dad’s birthday. He celebrated it with my family this past weekend. I wasn’t able to make it down to Florida to join them in the festivities, but I did order a special surprise care package that should be delivered to him anyyyyyy day now. It’s going to arrive a little late, but in our family as long as you send a present in the same month as the birthday, you get a gold star. Plus, it’s always nice to get a gift after your actual birthday. No one hates a post birthday present. Anyway, I felt it was important to send him a good gift this year, because after talking to my mom last week I honestly wasn’t sure Dad would even get a cake this year. You see, he got himself into a bit of trouble. He’s been asking for a new TV for a while now. This TV is not for the living room, his bedroom, or the family room. This is for his man cave. (AKA our garage.) Some people store cars in their garages, but we have never been those kinds of people, thanks to Dad. Our garage is for beer, football, Fox News, and the History Channel. Mom heard Dad’s less than subtle hints about wanting a new TV, so she decided to make the purchase for his birthday.

This was a surprising move for Mom, as she is not the Man Cave’s biggest fan. I wouldn’t say she’s anti-man cave, but she’s definitely not pro-man cave. She was able to put these feelings aside for Dad’s birthday, and she placed an order for a nice new flat screen TV set to arrive on the big day. Now in the meantime, Dad had no knowledge that Mom had finally come around to support the pimping out of said man cave.  So, two days before the TV is set to arrive, she comes home to find Dad in the cave setting up a spanking new TV that he bought on his own. Mom. Was. Not. Happy. I think this is one of those things they’re going to be able to look back and laugh about. Classic mixup, right? I’m still not sure which TV was returned, but at the end of the day, the most important thing is that Mom forgave Dad’s impulse buy, and still made him a delicious birthday cake inspired by one of his favorite candy bars: Almond Joy. I’m more of a Reese’s gal myself, but the cake looked delicious! Recipe can be found here. (Mom just discovered Sugarhero, and she’s in love.)




They rounded off the weekend by tailgating and cheering the Jags. Despite a hard to watch loss to Miami, mom brought birthday cheer to the tailgate with her apricot curry cheese ball. Huge hit!


Wishing everyone a spOOky Halloween week! Halloween cakes to come…


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