It’s Wedding Season, Kid!

I don’t know about everyone else, but my Facebook news feed has seemingly transformed overnight. The days of browsing through study abroad pics and fraternity formals are forever gone.  These pictures have been replaced with professionally filtered photos filled with peonies, lace, and a whole lotta mason jars. Everyone is getting hitched. And everyone is posting about it. Now if you’re someone who says, “I’m so sick of everyone posting about their rings, and their engagement photos, and their weddings and their babies. No one cares!” you’re a liar. You care. I care. Let’s be real, we all care. If you’re not stalking your Facebook friend’s acquaintance’s wedding pictures, you’re not doing it right. (Or you just have more productive things to do with your time, but either way you should! It’s fun.)

mason jars

Now I don’t want anyone to get any ideas, I’m not in any rush to get married. Mom has plenty of time to plan that cake ;). I do not do this kind of stalking for research. I do this out of sheer curiosity and fascination, the same reason I watch 4 Weddings and Say Yes to the Dress. It’s fascinating to see such a large event in someone’s life play out. From the ring to the table settings, it is all very interesting to me. It becomes even more interesting when you’re actually asked to be a part of someone’s big day. 2 years ago I found out I was going to be a bridesmaid in one of my best friend’s wedding parties. This was my first time as a bridesmaid and I wanted to do it right! As a bridesmaid there are two very important pre-wedding events to plan: the Bachelorette Party and the Wedding Shower. The latter is the event I actually remember clearly, so that is the one I’m going to share with you all. KIDDING Mom! I’m writing about the shower, because it featured one of Mom’s most fancy creations…obviously.

Ashley's cake

The dessert spread

When we were delegating shower responsibilities, I went ahead and volunteered to take care of the food. SURPRISE. In doing this I figured I would graciously volunteer my mother to make the cake. She graciously accepted. Mom was already day dreaming about creating a bride shaped cake (veil and all), when I had break the news to her that this shower had a theme, and the cake had to follow suit. Try explaining “Rustic Chic” to someone. It’s tough! After a quick consultation with Pinterest, I somehow brought her up to speed. She had a plan that included twine, ribbon, and canvas flowers, so all systems were a go.

ashley's cake 2

Rustic Chic Cake

AS you can see the end product was awesome. She got so many compliments on not just the appearance, but the taste. I was beginning to write a detailed description of how my mom made this one, but then I realized writing about the memories that came with her cake is so much more fun. By the time of the shower it really hit all of us that one of my closest friends I’ve known since pre-school was getting married.  HOW CRAZY IS THAT?  It was pretty surreal for all of us. It seems like just yesterday we were at each other’s houses in our pajamas filming our own Jessica Simpson music videos and baking cookies. (We had really crazy Saturday nights in High School.)


That one time we stayed in and reenacted the titanic on the computer chair…I’ll never let go Jack.

Fast forward to the day of the wedding: We got to the venue early in the morning to prep everything and get ready. I had seen enough Bridezillas episodes to know something was going to go wrong, so I prepared myself for anything: a freakout, a sobfest, someone telling off the planner because napkins weren’t straight enough. NOTHING. She was so cool, calm, and collected. It was her day, her time to be a diva, and yet she was anything but. We had a blast prepping for everything. We all enjoyed a little champagne, getting pampered, hair and makeup done- a feat for my poor makeup artist. She had to deal with a rogue eyelash issue I was having. That’s a story for another day. Today was about Ashley.

Ashley Wedding

Byootiful Bride. Also, notice how skinny i’m attempting to make my arm look.

Right before she was about to walk down the aisle, I think the enormity of everything finally hit her. And by I think, I mean she started breaking down into tears, so it definitely hit her (happy tears obviously.) She looked so beautiful and so happy, and it felt so wonderful to be a part of it all. The ceremony itself was short and sweet, which everyone can appreciate. Because after the party, it’s the after party. That’s right, reception time. If you know Ashley(and I’m sure most of you do, because my family is the only one who reads this,) she loves to sing, so she had no issue convincing the DJ to hand over the mics for some karaoke. While Ashley was blessed with a voice that doesn’t sound like dying cats, my other best friend, Danielle and I cannot say the same. I would like to genuinely apologize to everyone who was smiling so politely when Danielle and I regaled everyone with our butchered version of Mariah Carey’s “Always Be My Baby.” Ash- thanks for having our backs. I’m genuinely surprised guests didn’t complain or throw things. This does not include my Dad. When I asked how we sounded he replied, “It would have sounded a lot better if you didn’t have a microphone.” I’m going to chalk that comment up to the open bar.

wedding singers

If anyone is hiring wedding singers…hit a sister up.

Ashley is now very happily married living with her hubby and two precious angel pups. I couldn’t have asked for a better wedding to be a bridesmaid for the first time. I’m so happy for her, and so thankful we got to be a part of it. From the engagement, to the festivities, to the wedding itself, we made so many wonderful memories. Bring in on wedding season, bring it on.

Ashley sparklers

Happily Ever After 🙂



*Wedding photos by Stephie Joy Photography


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