#TBT Who Lives in a Pineapple Under the Sea?

SPONGE BOB SQUARE PANTS! My brother and I loved loved loved Spongebob and the gang. If it was on, you could not tear us  away from the TV. Being that we were 6 years apart, it was rare to find a show we agreed upon, and somehow Spongebob fit that mold. This was no good for Mom. I don’t think she had anything against the show itself. Her problem was Spongebob’s laugh. Every time Spongebob laughed I think a small piece of her soul died. Her biggest mistake was telling us this, because we never missed out on an opportunity to sneak up behind her and release the loudest, most annoying Spongebob-esque laugh we could muster. (Dad was the best at this.) Despite our antics, she knew she was fighting a losing battle, so she embraced the inevitable, and did what she does best: baked some cakes.


Spongebob cake for Nick’s 7th birthday

She found the Spongebob gummy in the candy aisle, and felt inspired. She used pixie sticks for the sand and the water color. For the treasure chest, pirate ship and masts she used the backside of a Hershey bar and drew lines on it to make it look like wooden planks. She cut up a fruit roll up for the sails and the flag at the top of the ship. The treasure was made of Sweet Tart chews. The Swedish fish and gummy octopus were a great touch!


The chocolate on his face says it all!

The chocolate on his face says it all!

Years later Mom baked another Spongebob cake for my cousin’s birthday. Ashley requested a Spongebob cake for her 18th, further proof of Mr Squarepant’s universal appeal. She used marshmallows for his teeth, Twizzlers for his arms, circular gummies for his pores, and miniature chocolate bars for his belt. The rest she did with icing and voila!


So lifelike it’s scary.

As time went on and we grew up, our tastes changed and Spongebob was slightly less of a fixture in our household. That being said, we still find time to annoy my mom with a good old fashioned Spongebob laugh every now and again, just for old times’ sake. 😉



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