#TBT in Honor of the 4th

This holiday always tends to sneak up on me. I’ve been dying for summer all winter long, and now June is already gone! The assortment of cake photos Mom and I have been digging through are a testament to how quickly time flies. We have both been scouring our highly organized official family archives (aka 2 Tupperware boxes filled to the brim with pictures that have no assorted rhyme or reason to them) to find 4th of July cake pics, and to be honest we couldn’t come up with much. I think this is for 2 reasons: 1. My Aunt Mia’s birthday is July 1st so we usually celebrate with a birthday cake around this time of year. 2. The 4th is a time for watermelon and Popsicles and summertime treats(Check out my last post if you want to make some Amerikabobs for the 4th), so we don’t usually celebrate this one with a cake.  That said, we did end up finding a  #TBT  worthy 4th of July cake circa 2000.

Happy 4th

4th of July Kids’ Cake. (That red blob is a firework, people. )

Mom gave us the reigns on this one, and let the kids decorate our very own firework cake. Nothing too fancy, although at the time a double layer cake was a big deal for us.  I asked Mom if she helped us at all to decorate this one, and she said that we did it all on our own. I find that hard to believe from the woman who  artistically constructed all of my poster boards and planet dioramas throughout elementary and middle school, but I’ll take her word for it. Even with help from Mom, for an 11 and 5 year old it doesn’t look half bad!  If I were home in Florida for the 4th this year I would force my little bro to recreate this bad boy with me to see what we came up with. I don’t think it would improve too much, but you never know. 


#TBT Wasn’t he the cutest???

As for this year, I’m going to be spending my time watching the fireworks in the city, trying to hit up everything I can on this Thrillist list and praying to the Big Man that the rain holds off enough for me to enjoy a roof party or two.

Fireworks over the Hudson for last year's 4th

Fireworks over the Hudson for last year’s 4th


How I plan on spending my day tomorrow weather permitting!

Hope everyone has a happy 4th, and stay tuned for Aunt Mia’s birthday cake!


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