Mom in Rare Form for Father’s Day

I live more than 900 miles away from my family. I Googled it. That said, I understandably get severe FOMO on fun family events I cannot attend. FOMO= Fear of Missing Out, and it is something that has plagued me my entire life. I am going to take this a step further. With my family living so far away, and being so awesome at cooking/baking it is not uncommon for me to suffer from a form of FOMO I just invented called FOMOOF, or Fear of Missing Out on Food.  To give you a few examples: Co-workers get sushi without me? FOMOOF. Roommates get fro-yo and no invite? FOMOOF. Family makes delicious Father’s Day feast while I’m not living in the same state? Major FOMOOF.

Cuz Dad totally rox

Cuz Dad totally rox

As sad as I was to be missing out on Father’s Day celebrations and FOOD, it made me so happy to hear how everyone contributed. My little brother made his card on the computer, because, let’s face it, Hallmark is trying to bleed us all dry holiday by holiday. Mom was in charge of not just the cake, but the shrimp stuffed shiitake mushrooms and bacon mashed potatoes. According to my little brother, once you go bacon, you never go back, so apparently bacon mashed potatoes will be the only kind in our household from now on. No complaints here! And while Dad spent the afternoon in his domain grilling his favorite, ribeyes, Mom was inspired to create a steak of her own. In other words, a steak cake. Yes, a cake shaped like a steak.

“For a Rare Dad! Happy Father’s Day!”

Obviously she used red velvet, since Dad likes his stake medium rare (or as he says “still moo-ing.”) She had some frosting in a can in the fridge already, so she added some cream cheese to it, because as we all know, you can’t have red velvet cake without cream cheese frosting. She melted some chocolate chips and marbled it into the frosting to give it its steak-like color. She also mixed in a bit of red icing for some added pinkish tone. She cooled the steak portion of the cake on a broiler pan to give it some grill marks and used a toothpick to accentuate the lines. The bone is made of a rice crispie treat and the marrow is crushed up peanut butter Oreos. She also crushed up some some oreos and pecans for the salt and pepper seasoning. She used green Dots as parsley for the garnish. Dad was sure to take the finished product  out to the grill to get a picture of the cake in its natural setting.

Medium Rare

Medium Rare

After the feast it was gift time.

My Dad is not tough to shop for. There are 3 important questions I ask myself when I’m picking out a gift for Dad:

1. Does this gift have anything to do with Florida Gator Football?

2. Does this gift relate to beer or the act of drinking beer in any way?

3. Is this gift a Webber grill?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then I am good to go. Gift purchased, no more questions asked. To give you an idea, Dad’s ultimate gift would probably be some sort of fusion between a Webber grill and a Kegorator that played the UF fight song every time you opened it. (Patent Pending?) Maybe next year Dad…For this year part 1 of his gift was a pair of brand new Birkenstocks. Birkenstocks are his go to shoe, and I can’t blame him. They’re comfy and they match just about everything. Dad is also one of those really classy guys that tends to accessorize his Berks with white tube socks- a real treat for the eyes.

Look out ladies! Here he comes!

Look out ladies! Here he comes!

However, the highlight of the night had to be part 2 of his gift which were ZZ Top tickets for him and the little bro. As he opened his card and the tickets fell out he attempted to read them sans bifocals, which caused some initial confusion. The only font big enough for him to see was the Lady Gaga advertisement on the bottom of the ticket, so for 30 seconds he was slightly worried. To his relief, my brother explained to him that they were not going to be seeing Mother Monster, but rather they were going to see ZZ Top.  He was VERY excited. Success. When I asked Dad why he would’ve been so disappointed in Lady Gaga tickets, he replied, “Well she’s no Gwen Stefani.” Duly noted, Dad. Duly noted.  

You can't tell in this picture, but they too are wearing their Birkenstocks with sandals.

You can’t tell in this picture, but they too are wearing their Birkenstocks with sandals.

steak cake 2

“Grilled to Confection” -the caption Mom suggested for this one.

I created this blog mostly to display my Mom’s cakes, but partly to suppress the family FOMO that creeps up on me sometimes. Whether or not you got to spend this Father’s Day with your families, I hope everyone had a happy one. And if anybody is craving some steak cake, head over to Mom and Dad’s. They assured me they had leftovers! 🙂


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