Cakes My Mom Makes

Two things you should know about me: 1. I love my mom. 2. I love my mom’s cakes. She’s not exactly like the fancy pants pastry chefs on the Food Network or TLC, but she’s better! (In my humble unbiased opinion, of course.) She’s a special kind of mom who uses ingredients any mom has at her disposal to create amazing goodies. Every birthday, holiday, event, and celebration includes one of her unique creations.
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While she is amazing at creating these cakes, she is not the best historian. In fact, she could be the worst cake historian of all time. Pictures upon pictures of these cakes sit in shoe boxes and on memory sticks just collecting dust in our house. Growing up, I, like many other jerk kids, took for granted all she does as a mom. So basically,  I’ve decided to dub myself “Family Cake Historian,” official title and all. Fair warning to family, friends, and anyone else who stops by: No one in our family is a professional photographer (I’m talking to you Dad!)…or blogger for that matter. That’s not what this project is about.
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It is about thanking my mom for being my mom-the kinda gal who goes homemade or goes home! Hopefully this can help to officially document some of our favorite cakes and creations. I would love this project to make anyone who sees it feel that they can create lasting memories out of homemade cakes. They don’t have to be the biggest, or the prettiest, or the neatest cakes in the world. They just have to be baked with love for the ones you love. All you need are the right ingredients… and a little wine never hurts either. 😉
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